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    Island Vibz Artiste of the Month "Scratchylus"             Since the start of 2011 the...

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Island Vibz Brings You The Hottest DJ's In The Caribbean      NEW DJ WOULD BE APPEARING SOON AS...

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         The best in internet Radio       Annual Events: ISLAND VIBZ GOSPEL EXPLOSION Every ...

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Give More, Get More! Island Vibz 95.3 was officially registered in SVG on the 25th July 2011 as an online radio station.  Our programming is geared towards all ages all over the world. Using some of the latest equipment, our skilled staff cater for the entertainment industry that is slowly but surely growing in SVG. Also, we provide programming for the Christian community along with NGO's and much more.  We conceptualize, promote and execute all different type of events both for adults and children, both indoors and outdoors.







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